• Propriety: Ayuntamiento de Manises
  • Engineering: CMD Ingenieros
  • Location: Manises, España
  • Year: 2010-2011
  • PEM: (500.000 € instal.)

Construction of an auditorium with an area of ​​3435 m2, and a capacity for 800 people. The auditorium also includes various premises available as theater school, libraries, conference room and musical library, cafeteria, restaurant and kitchen. It has a modular structure of prefabricated concrete walls and floors mixed with steel primary structure. Large span until 16 m, composed by pieces of up to 70 tons.

CIVIL ENGINEERING / Preliminary and Construction Project Coordination. Calculation of structure and foundation. Construction Management.

FACILITIES ENGINEERING / Construction Management facilities: electricity and lighting, plumbing and drainage, fire protection, air conditioning and ventilation, solar installation for DHW, and communication facilities. Licensing of facilities (paperwork with Authorities).

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